Managed Services

The ‘cloud managed services offer you complete cloud management support by handing off the entire responsibility of your cloud operations into the hands of cloud managed service provider like us.

Our Cloud Platform and Technology services

Managing your IT infrastructure is expensive, both in hard cash and in human resources. Simplifying and streamlining your process and freeing up resources allows you to focus on strategic business initiatives and reduces costs. Dev Systems' Cloud Managed Services can assist in designing, building, and managing comprehensive cloud solutions addressing these 7 key components to fit your requirements and budget:


Cloud Managed Services


Cyber Security

Enable accelerated deployment of security configurations, processes, and policies for full cycle security operations


Risk and Compliance

An end-to-end Compliance Risk Management Framework standardizes design, assessment, implementation, and continuous improvement


Optimization and Transparency

A holistic view into the cloud landscape and empirical data on usage and consumption designed to optimize solution footprints


Automation and Devops

Flexible framework to rapidly deploy full-stack solutions


Application Management Services

Provide application development, maintenance, and operational support for critical business applications


Service Management

Around-the-clock professionals to review alerts and manage incidents


Infrastructure Management

Provision cloud environments, proactively manage all systems and adhere to defined service levels

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