Salesforce Solutions

The Salesforce Platform's clouds, together with apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, are perfect for designing and digitizing business processes around your customers' individual customer journeys. We offer you an easy-to-use dialog platform for company-wide data exchange and solutions for integrating marketing, sales, and services processes.

Our Solutions

Consumer Protection Case Management

Dev Systems CPCM solution, built on the highly secure Salesforce platform, provides an efficient, modern, and streamlined means of managing consumer protection complaints and investigations

Licensing, Permitting, & Inspections | LPI

Achieve paperless processing and increased operational efficiency through the use of advanced technology. Manage all your LPI processes efficiently with our custom licensing, permitting, and inspections (LPI) solution based on the Salesforce platform.

Property Tax Assessment Appeals

Dev System's Property tax appeals and exemptions solution provides automation to empower a broad range of government customers to choose from varying models to meet their agency's specific needs.

Salesforce Solutions Case Studies

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